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Warehouse Lofts Rendering


Warehouse Lofts Toronto is powered by LoftConnect, a digital platform that connects you to the building, lets you control things from your smart phone or in-suite digital control panel, and makes life simple and easy in so many ways.

Technology Entry
Use your phone to open the front door, either in person or remotely. Got someone coming in to do a repair? It’s easy to let them in, whether you're at home or on the go. Forgot to lock your door or turn on your alarm when you left? You can do it in an instant, from wherever you are.

When you come into the building, sensors pick up your phone or your fob – there’s no need to pull it out of your pocket or purse to scan it. So if you've got an armful of groceries or you’re carrying a big box to your waiting Uber, the door will sense you and open automatically.

LoftConnect also enables building management to communicate with you in an unobtrusive way. If window cleaners are scheduled to be working on a certain day, you’ll get a message on your smart phone as well as on the screen in your loft.

The elevator knows when you need it
Use LoftConnect to turn on your alarm as you leave your loft, and the system will immediately summon the elevator to your level. The system will recognize your license plate as you pull into the garage, so an elevator will be ready and waiting when you get out of your car.

LoftConnect also lets you remotely control the temperature in your loft (great for energy savings while you're away). Available upgrades also include remote control blinds and lights.

Keeping you safe
Cameras are placed strategically throughout the building, and the system allows you to see views of all entryways, so you always know who you're letting in.

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Lock your loft with your smart phone. Unique password generation makes it easy to securely track service providers into your home.
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Want to see the lobby entry or the garage? The system lets you access entryway cameras on all your devices.
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Use the digital thermostat to control the temp (whether you’re home or away) to enhance comfort and reduce energy use.
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Get into the underground parking automatically with license plate recognition. Program access for your guest’s arrival visitor parking.
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Get notices from Property Management instantly, even when you’re out of town, and respond easily with questions or concerns.
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Automated parcel delivery lets you know when you have a parcel waiting in a secured locker in the lobby.
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As soon as you arm your digital system and leave your loft, the system will automatically call an elevator to your level to reduce your wait time.
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Digital panel shows weekly menus and private bookings from the Event Space on the 11th level.
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The control panel shows weekly weather and up-to-the-minute local TTC updates for your convenience.